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Privacy FAQ

Your privacy is in your hands

Isn't ConnectMyChurch just a Social Media platform for churches?

The heart of a church is community and the heart of a community is people connecting safely... if that's a 'Yes' then so-be-it, but connecting isn't just social either; it's about growing and loving and encouraging, too.  A connected church is a healthy church.

In community there are some groups that you feel close to and others that you aren't so sure about - CMC's Unique Privacy / Transparency Slider lets you control what you share with each of those Groups.

How does Connect My Church protect my Personal Information?

There are lots of layers of protection.  First of all, this isn't a public application - you have to be considered part of the church community to get access.  The protection doesn't stop there, though; there are controls built in concerning who can and can't communicate with you and under what circumstance.  Finally (and ultimately) you are in control of what you include in your Profile and who has access to what parts of your Profile.  We promise you this - we will never sell your name or other personal information or use it for any outside vendor's marketing purposes - period. 

How much control do I really have over my Personal Information?

Total control.  You determine virtually every element of what is 'out there' from your name to your picture to your contact information.  If you want to be merely 'Fred' (or 'Wilma') and have no image and virtually no contact information then that's fine; if you want to disclose more, then that's YOUR choice and you can even control which groups of friends can contact you and by what method.  Your contact information is shared only within the Church Leadership and those Groups where you choose to be more transparent. 

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