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Who We Are

At Connect My Church, we understand that the most important aspect of church life is worship and feeling connected, but that's hard to do today, especially with increasing concern over privacy. 

People want to feel connected to their church family, but the last thing they need is another published listing of all of their private contact information.

We've built ConnectMyChurch with these competing priorities in mind by giving you control over what you share and who you share it with.  ConnectMyChurch puts you in control over your User Profile (the most that anyone can see) plus our Unique Privacy / Transparency Slider that lets you decide just how much of that information you share with other members  Groups or Events that you are engaged in.   

The designers and builders of ConnectMyChurch include a team of committed Believers and the development team at SDG Systems in Harmony, PA - united  to Glorify God through His Body: the Church.

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