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Church is all about connecting

What are some of the ways that ConnectMyChurch can help me connect?

Are you good with names? (I'm not!)  You see the same group of people every time you go to church, but when do you really get to know them? 


ConnectMyChurch solves this by giving you a place to share your Interests, your Gifts, your Needs, and lots of other great things, but only if you want to share them.  You can also register for Events, join a Ministry, share a prayer request or a praise, or check the church calendar to see if there's anything that interests you. 


At every stage you can control who knows what about your interests.

How can I communicate on ConnectMyChurch?

One of the most amazing features of ConnectMyChurch is how it meets the needs to communicate within the church while protecting individual privacy... that's at the core of the CMC design.


Most churches will have a calendar set up with all of the church events and activities and services.  They might establish smaller groups or teams that can communicate with one another.  Every Event and Group can also post moderated pictures and comments that are shared only with other members of that Group.  Some churches will have Prayer Requests or similar places to share either anonymously or more publicly (it's up to you).  Finally, Members can communicate one-on-one right from the App, but only with other members that are open to that form of contact.  You always determine who can reach you and how they can do it.

BTW- ConnectMyChurch also supports Push Notifications within Groups and Events where you are registered... this gives the Church Leadership an important way to communicate to the Members when there is a power-outage or cancellation or other important change.

Bottom Line: Isn't this just an on-line Church Directory?

No way!    Well maybe?   I mean - it COULD be, but those are so passé.   If this IS a directory it's a directory where you can easily choose who can find your phone # or address and who can't and who can send you an email and who can't.  


If you've ever participated in a church directory, you'll remember signing up for a time to get your picture taken, standing in a line, and then picking the 'pose' that you hated the least!  That's not at all how we do it at CMC. 


ConnectMyChurch is dynamic and fun and easy to use.   And don't forget - you don't have to give anyone your 'unlisted number' (remember those!?!)  or even your name unless and until you want to.   It's all about Community and helping you feel good about community together.

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