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How to Connect My Church

You are in Control

How do I know that Connect My Church is the right choice for our Ministry?

We confess that we might not be ENTIRELY objective, but ConnectMyChurch is an affordable and easy-to-use and easy-to-administer solution to one of the major needs of local churches - connecting in community.  

Start with our Basic Plan for less than $1 per day; if it seems to suit you, upgrade and personalize it further with logos, pictures, and additional URLs; then, decide if your church community would benefit from the added  ministry insight of CMC's most robust version - all at an extremely affordable cost.  

Regardless of the plan you choose, CMC is 100% subscription based, so there is no long-term commitment and no obligation to renew... that means the CMC team is 100% vested in your long-term satisfaction with the platform, features, and support.  Plus we offer a 30-day no-questions-asked refund if ConnectMyChurch didn't meet and exceed your expectations. 

Some people are very private... how does CMC uniquely avoid broadcasting their Personal Information to the world?

In our most Basic plan each church community is given a unique CMC ID so that your information stays yours.   No other church has access to your data.  An Administrator appointed by the church is vested with the authority to manage your App through a password protected interface that allows them to easily customize things like Events, Leaders, Calendars, Links, and Users.   Most Church Apps require LOTS of ongoing and centralized Administration, but NOT CMC.  Once this basic Church 'outline' is established, the Administrator authorizes Event and Group Leaders that can manage their own core areas and benefit from the powerful CMC features.  Most importantly, each User has control over what level of anonymity and privacy they consider important and our unique Privacy / Transparency Slider gives Users the ability to share different levels of information with each Group or Event relationship. Note that Event and Group leaders have access to all of a User's Profile information so they can interact with them or assist them in a given circumstance.

What other features make ConnectMyChurch a great choice?

CMC (ConnectMyChurch) is:

  • Affordable

  • Secure

  • Easily adopted

  • Easy to manage and Administer

  • Group and Event Administrators and Leaders manage their own ministry areas

  • Highly Customizable (Interests & Gifts, Events, Groups, URLs, etc.)

  • Powerful Administration built right into the App (minimizing need to use Web Interface)

  • Supported on iOS and Android including Tablets, Smartphones, and more

  • 100% Focused on building Community

  • Integrated Map functions for Events, Groups, and even Members

  • Support for both Face-to-face and Virtual Meetings

  • Allows members / users to ultimately control their own privacy concerns.

  • Event Registration directly from the App Calendar

  • Moderated Photo Albums and Bulletins associated with every Event and Group

  • Supports Push Notifications for urgent communications within Groups and Events

  • Private Emergency Contact information available exclusively to Church Leaders and Administrators

  • Spiritual Gifts Inventory helps engage Members in active ministry

  • Multi-site support in a single App

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