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Connecting Members within their own Comfort Zones

People are all different - some are outgoing and others just want to hide.  ConnectMyChurch is a unique App for Android and iOS built around those differences.


Connecting People Confidentially

ConnectMyChurch is all about Connecting People with People - without the intrusive reputation of typical Church Directories and centrally-managed Apps or websites.  We do this by giving the Church control over App access and giving each member control over their own information.

Man Hands On Keyboard

Built for Privacy

Be Listed or Not Listed; Share Contact Info or not - it's all up to each member


Track Passions and Gifts

Love Music?  Like to Bake? Willing to Lend a Hand? - Tell your Church... IF you want!

Bring People Together

Similar Interests and Passions


Form Lasting Friendships

Instant Communication with those in Close Community

Lasting Friendship
Happy Family

Connect with Church Family

While Sharing only what you want to share

At the Concert

Event Registration

Instantly Register for Church Activities

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